The Victorian Football Miscellany

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The Victorian Football Miscellany
by Paul Brown
Paperback, ISBN 9780956227058
Also available as ltd ed hardcover and as an eBook
Published by Goal-Post books 2013

“One of the greatest books ever written about football since Charlie Buchan put down his pen!” – Danny Baker

The Victorian Football Miscellany is an exhaustively-researched collection of interesting, amusing and eye-opening stories, facts, and statistics from the earliest days of football. The book highlights milestones from the the birth of football, and profiles leading Victorian clubs and players. There are tales of hacking, own goals, penalty kicks, and shinpads, not to mention dynamite, elephants, murders, and riots. The book contains more than 200 entries presented in chronological order, which, although by definition miscellaneous, add up to provide a pretty thorough history of Victorian football.

As featured in FourFourTwo and When Saturday Comes, and on the BBC Radio 5 Live Danny Baker Show, BBC Radio 4 Pick of the Week, and the BT Sport TV show Baker & Kelly’s VSPO.

From the jacket:

“The Victorian Football Miscellany is a quirky and fascinating collection of trivia, facts and anecdotes from football’s earliest years. Delve into an absorbing world of ox-bladder balls, baggy-kneed knickerbockers and outstanding moustaches, and read remarkable tales of the first ever cup final, the invention of the shinpad, the evolution of dribbling, the first own goal and a seemingly-invincible penalty-taking elephant.

Other entries cover the foundation of the Football Association, the development of the Laws of the Game and the origins of football’s most popular clubs. Packed with biographies, profiles and lists, this is an indispensable guide to the colourful and unusual world of 19th century football.”


“One of the greatest books ever written about football since Charlie Buchan put down his pen! Absolutely spectacular, mesmerising.” – Danny Baker, BBC Radio 5

“Compiling hundreds of histories, oddities and match reports – bizarre rule changes, 19th century floodlight failures – it’s all here. Four stars.” – FourFourTwo, July 2013

“The colourful transitions the game went through to become the beast we know today are endlessly fascinating. This book doesn’t set out to tell the story in dense, sober detail, opting instead to present itself as a hugely entertaining exercise in eavesdropping.” – When Saturday Comes, August 2013

“As the FA celebrates its 150th anniversary, this book is a cracking insight into those pioneering days; a veritable cornucopia of eclectic Victorian footballing splendour!” – Football Book Reviews

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