Unofficial Football World Champions

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Unofficial Football World Champions
Revised and Updated Edition
by Paul Brown
Paperback, ISBN 9780956227096
Also available as an ebook
Superelastic, third edition
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“A fascinating history of football. Five stars.” – FourFourTwo

Unofficial Football World Champions traces football’s alternative championships from the very first international match in 1872, involving legendary teams and footballing minnows, classic finals and forgotten friendlies, celebrated players and unsung heroes.

This new edition is expanded to include new matches, teams, players and statistics, and is fully up to date to the start of 2014, including 879 UFWC title matches played between 1872 and 2014, and 48 unofficial football world champions.

From the jacket:

“Who are the Unofficial Football World Champions? We know who the official champions are, but the World Cup only comes around every four years, and didn’t get started until international football was almost 60 years old. The official tournament only scratches the surface of international football.

Luckily, there’s an unofficial alternative. Its amazing story involves legendary teams and footballing minnows, classic finals and forgotten friendlies, celebrated players and unsung heroes. Unofficial Football World Champions reveals international football’s real champions and offers up a fresh perspective on the greatest game in the world.”


“The UFWC title is decided on a ‘winner stays on’ basis, going back to the first ever international in 1872. Analysing classic title matches, from 1966 and all that to Zimbabwe 2-0 Angola in 2005, it becomes a fascinating history of football. *****” – FourFourTwo

“Once you begin reading the book it’s easy to to lose yourself and before you know it you’ve travelled through 138 years of international football. A refreshing and informative, yet incredibly entertaining read.” – Chris Faulkner, Late Tackle

“Not only does ‘Unofficial Football World Champions’ present a version of how the game historically developed in an informative and entertaining fashion, it is one of the most well researched and written football books to be released in recent years. No ranking system is required to confirm that this essential and fascinating book won’t be bettered for a long time. And that is official.” – Chris Ledger, Obscure Music and Football

“It is a great read and one for any football fan. Brown’s writing style is one based on humour and that helps making a potentially dry factual book into one that is a compelling journey. We award this FIFA 5 stars!” – Stuart Fuller, The Ball Is Round

You can find more information at the UFWC website.

Available now: Amazon UK