David Icke: It’s A Tough Game, Son!

David Icke It's A Tough Game SonI wrote an article for Goalkeeper magazine about David Icke. After his goalkeeping career was cut short, and before he became a spiritualist and conspiracy theorist, he wrote a book about the perils and pitfalls of football. What can young goalkeepers learn from his strange story?

“David Icke’s goalkeeping career was over long before he turned up on Wogan in a turquoise shell suit and declared himself to be the Son of God. Icke was a promising young goalkeeper for Coventry City and Hereford United in the 1970s, until arthritis forced him to quit the game. He subsequently became a local sports reporter, and then a popular TV presenter, fronting the BBC’s Grandstand and snooker coverage. Then, in 1990, Icke visited a Brighton psychic healer named Betty Shine looking for relief from his arthritis. The meeting with Shine changed his life, and set in motion perhaps the most unusual post-retirement career a goalkeeper has ever had.”

Read the full story in issue 7 of Goalkeeper Magazine.