Sins Dyed In Blood: In Search of the Newcastle Pirate

Edward Robinson was a British pirate who sailed with Blackbeard during the Golden Age of Piracy in the early 1700s. Born in Newcastle upon Tyne, Robinson was hanged for the crime of piracy in Charleston, South Carolina. But was he really a murderous sea-robber, and did he deserve his brutal fate? This is the true swashbuckling story of the Newcastle Pirate.

“Strange tale of Newcastle’s real-life pirate of the Caribbean” – Chronicle

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Posted 2 March 2015

How to Become a Sporting Journalist

BJ Evans was a pioneer of early football reporting, and his 1946 book How to Become a Sporting Journalist reveals some of his methods, which required a bicycle and two carrier pigeons in a basket. His story also involves binoculars, a charabanc, turnips, the Blitz, and the medicinal properties of hot Oxo.

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Posted 12 February 2015
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How to beat the winter freeze

First mooted in 1937 yet only mandatory for Premier League clubs since this season, undersoil heating has endured a chequered history – starring frost, flame-throwers and a fuming Fergie. Also in this issue – strange football tech, including electronic referee’s assistants, footballer brain stimulators, and robotic goalkeepers.

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Posted 8 January 2015

1881 and all that

A great myth associated with Newcastle United is that the club was formed in 1892 courtesy of a merger between East End and West End. In fact, the club was formed in 1881, and there was no merger. Contemporary sources and modern histories make this clear, yet the 1892 myth still persists. This article looks at reclaiming Newcastle’s lost history.

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Posted 2 December 2014