Jet Pack Murder Mystery

It was almost midnight on December 3 1999. A handcuffed man staggered through the dark streets of North Hollywood. Exhausted, he spotted a payphone and clambered into the booth. Dialling 911, he asked to be connected to the FBI, before relating to a stunned agent a bizarre tale involving a deranged kidnapping plot, various vicious assaults, a $10 million lawsuit, a ruined friendship, and a brutal and unsolved murder. And it all revolved around the building of a futuristic jet-propelled personal flying machine known as the Rocket Belt 2000…

Published in Jack magazine, July 2003. The feature was later turned into my book The Rocketbelt Caper.

Jack was an alternative men’s magazine launched by James Brown in 2002. After contributing several articles, from February 2004 I became the magazine’s DVD editor, writing reviews and interviewing actors and directors. The magazine closed in August 2004.

Jet Pack Murder Mystery


Paul Brown

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