Half-time: a history

Footballers haven’t always had 15 minutes to catch their breath. The original Laws of the Game included no reference to half-time, and instead required teams to change ends after each goal was scored. A short piece on the history of half-time for FourFourTwo.


History of the magic sponge

The magic sponge is one of football’s most familiar artefacts, having being variously applied to players’ bumps and bruises for more than a hundred years. This is the story of how a cold wet sponge became regarded in football as an apparently miraculous cure for virtually any injury.


The Witches’ Circle

The Witches’ Circle is a ring of oak trees around 60 feet in diameter, next to the ancient village of Winlaton, four miles west of Newcastle upon Tyne. For centuries the circle has been associated with stories involving the activities of witches from the surrounding area.