Why Spotify is an iTunes-killer worth paying for

Last week’s announcement that Spotify is to restrict its free service elicited much handwringing and no little anger from folks who think unlimited access to a world of music isn’t worth a fiver a month. Each to their own, but for many music fans Spotify now fulfils pretty much all of their music needs, especially […]

Posted 28 April 2011

As music goes missing, Spotify and Polydor blame each other

If you’re a music fan, you might regard Spotify as the best thing that’s ever gone in your ears. But problems over the availability of certain tracks are a constant niggle. Take That fans who are Spotify Premium members have been angered by the disappearance of the band’s latest album from the service, one of […]

Posted 3 December 2010

Chris Sievey, Frank Sidebottom and The Biz

When Chris Sievey died in June, several of those who knew him best described him as a genius. Chris was best known as the man inside the oversized papier mache head of Frank Sidebottom, but before finding cult success with his aspiring pop star alter-ego, he had attempted to carve out a music career of […]

Posted 7 October 2010


How World In Motion changed English football forever

World In Motion by New Order, some say EnglandNewOrder, is indisputably the best football record ever made. You can keep your Three Lions, and your Back Home, and your All I Want For Christmas Is A Dukla Prague Away Kit. It is the best football record ever made because: a) It’s by one of England’s greatest ever bands; and b) It helped change the face of English football – and some might say football in general – forever.

Posted 4 June 2010

The Duke and The King live review

The Duke and The King The Cluny, Newcastle, 26 April 2010 Every so often you get blown away by a band, and tonight was one of those occasions. I might not even have been here tonight had Danny and the Champions of the World not been on the supporting bill. The always-entertaining Danny (operating in […]

Posted 30 April 2010

All you need is greed

Unless you’ve been living in the Tora Bora caves for the last couple of weeks, you can’t have failed to have noticed that popular beat group The Beatles have released some new wares onto the marketplace. I say “new”, but most of it is the very definition of old rope. Alongside the admittedly very shiny […]

Posted 14 September 2009

Brian Wilson raises another Smile

Brian Wilson The Sage, Gateshead In a world of rock and pop where the words “genius” and “legend” are thrown around with carefree abandon, here is a man who truly deserves to be called both. Having survived drugs, mental illness and a rock dad who made Joe Jackson look like father-of-the-year material, for 67-year-old Brian […]

Posted 15 July 2009


Online music and the Beatles Gap

Last week’s announcement that the Beatles’ back catalogue will be made available on remastered CD failed to satisfy all Fab Four fans. There is still no news on when the band’s catalogue will be made available online.

Posted 16 April 2009

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